Seelio – A great way for students to build their portfolios

22 Apr

Seelio is a company where students can create an online portfolio.  Users can showcase their projects, passions, and work as they go through school.  You can browse interesting projects that are happening on your campus by browsing the website.  The portfolio can include videos of a robot that you have built or a marketing proposal that you created.  Students can share what skills they have gained and what impact they made on a project or organization (Chowdhry, 2013).

From the Seelio “About Us” (2013) section a couple key points stand out as making this a very useful platform for students:

  • Seelio lets you easily and beautifully document your works, projects, and passions. It is a place to track your journey through school, get recognized for your hard work, and build your online brand
  • You can browse works and projects happening at your campus or at campuses around the country. Use Seelio to find a potential collaborator or simply look for inspiration.
  • You can discover career opportunities and stand out in the selection process by using your portfolio to apply to jobs and internships.


Some things that you can do on Seelio include:

  • Document your class projects – whether it’s a robot you built or a marketing proposal you developed, use Seelio to document your learnings and get recognized for them.
  • Share about a recent internship or job experience – talk about what you learned, what skills you gained, and the impact you made on either the project of organization.
  • Share and collaborate on things you do outside of class and work – whatever your passion or hobby there will be someone else with similar passions or hobbies on Seelio interested in what you have to show. Add it to the community and be found by people who want to work with you. (

The company had first targeted students with a .edu email address when it launched last summer, but is now expanding its platform in order to sell directly to educational institutions through a new product called Seelio for Educators. Pricing for the Educator platform is based on the volume of students, and various needs they may have – like whether it’s white-labeled, for example, and other customization options. But the price generally sits at somewhere between $10-$15 per student per year (Perez, 2013).

Some companies currently on Seelio include twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Palantir. Some campuses currently on Seelio include University of Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Notre Dame.


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