Create your own magazines on Flipboard!

21 Apr

Flipboard has become a leading player in the digital news-consumption field, and now it wants to hand the same filtering and curation tools employed by its editors over to users of the app, to create their own magazines (Ingram, 2013). On March 26th of this year Flipboard launched one of it’s biggest overhauls to date allowing readers to create and share their own magazines. The app lets readers customize their own content around topics, events, and personal interests and can be shared with others.



The Official Flipboard Blog, indicates that users are clearly taking to the new concept. There are now 53 million Flipboard readers, including an additional 3 million added in the last two weeks. In that time, users have created more than 500,000 “magazines” and the visually-appealing are the most popular in two weeks.

In the new Flipboard app, users come across content they find interesting that they’ve read or things they plan or want to read in the future and curate that content into “magazines.” Flipboard largely organizes the content that’s stored and creates a layout. These “magazines” can be read privately or shared with other Flipboard users. Users can integrate their own social network feeds onto Flipboard, too (Sophy, 2013). It also partnered with Etsy, the online bazaar for handmade goods, allowing users to shop from Flipboard (Saba, 2013).

Commenting on the potential of Flipboard to attract brands, Laurent Boninfante, managing director, Europe and Asia for marketing and advertising agency media platform Acquisio, said: “Flipboard has designed a beautiful app, being the first to succeed in emulating the feel of an actual magazine, which is ‘built on the fly’ from your choice of news source (Gumble, 2013).




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