Tint: Aggregate and Embed Social Media Content

12 Apr

In December, Tim Sae Koo, Nikhil Aitharaju, Eunice Noh, and Ryo Chiba launched Tint – a simpy DIY platform that helps brands aggregate, curate and display social media feeds from multiple networks on their websites, in the mobile apps, Facebook pages and event displays. “Admittedly, Tint probably sounds a little bit like Rebelmouse, but Sae Koo tells us that there are a few differences: Namely, Tint enables you to display social media feeds from specific hashtags, YouTube channels and Pinterest boards to help keep your users on your website, app or event (and engaged). Plus, he says, Tint wants to be a platform tool and an aggregator, not a publishing CMS — and one that’s easy to use and takes 10 minutes to set up. The alternatives, he says, are generally expensive, custom solutions that take time to implement and integrate” (Empson, 2013).

Tint allows businesses and brands to connect their social network accounts with their websites, in part to help them promote their products and services through their social feeds, but also to provide their websites with more engaging content. Businesses can link their Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and RSS feeds to their Tint accounts, whereupon the service auto-populates the page from those feeds, serving the social content in a river that is Pinterest-like in design (Empson, 2013).

A couple examples from the Tint website showing how Tint is currently being used by organizations and individuals alike include:

The World Music Awards

“International Awards Show WMA uses Tint because they wanted a way to expand the reach of their Facebook posts to all their online visitors who don’t follow them on their social networks. They get tons of traffic everyday, so exposing those visitors to their Facebook updates via Tint was a no-brainer” (Tintup Gallery, 2013).


Toni Braxton

“American R&B singer-songwriter, actress, and record producer Toni Braxton wanted a way to keep her fans updated on all her social updates whenever they visited her new website. Using Tint, she now does not have to manually login to her website and worry about updating new content onto her site. Anytime she shares on her social networks, it will all stream in beautifully onto her website, keeping fans engaged for long periods of time” (Tintup Gallery, 2013).


Aston Martin DC

“This car dealership wanted an easy and effective way to showcase all the media and photos they share on their Facebook page onto their website to enhance their visitors’ experience whenever they visited. It took minutes to set up and implement, and the best part is now they never have to worry about manually updating content onto their site. Every social update is automatically displayed on their website (Tintup Gallery, 2013).



Tint is 50% about promoting your social networks, but it’s also 50% about providing website content. It’s both. It should be a paradox that should cause the Universe to implode and create a black hole – but it doesn’t. Somehow, Tint pulls it off and makes it work – it brings social content and web content together in one place (Dube, 2013). There are currently over 10,000 brands actively using Tint on their websites and each client has seen an average of 10 to 15 percent increase in traffic and a 12 to 18 percent decrease in bounce rate. As well, users are spending 20 to 30 percent more time on the sites (Empson, 2013). After taking a brief look at this site I think it has a lot of potential and like the customizable design and theme options. I also like how each piece of content is given a headline and is laid out in a magazine-like format…all the elements come together to create a very interesting platform.



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