The Wedding Planning Industry and Social Media

9 Apr

According to Newsweek Magazine (2012), “the use of social media in wedding planning has risen fourfold in the past four years, according to a recent survey conducted by the wedding planning sites The Knot and In it, nearly 50 percent of brides said they used social media to communicate information about their wedding, up from 23 percent in 2008” (Reis).

Overall, 92% of consumers in 2012 trust word-of-mouth recommendations, which is up 18% since 2007 (RewardStream Blog, 2012). Brides especially rely on word-of-mouth to find products and vendors as wedding planning is a novel experience and one in which most people have little experience. There is heavy reliance on past brides experiences and reviews for new brides to base their planning choices, which is why social media has been such a useful tool for this industry in particular.

Before the Wedding

Currently, approximately one in ten (8%) brides are updating their Facebook relationship statuses within minutes of saying “Yes,” while nearly one in three (31%) did so within hours of getting engaged (Smith, 2012). Sites such as Facebook and Pinterest are used extensively for planning, sharing ideas, and getting recommendations from other brides-to-be.



pinterest kw


According to Andrea Smith (2012), 79% of brides become fans of wedding brands such as The Knot, and two in five use Pinterest to show vendors ideas they like. Approximately 42% of brides have wedding boards on Pinterest outlining all of their ideas regarding dresses, decorations, cakes, and many other wedding items. “Almost half of the couples surveyed [by David’s Bridal] have dedicated online wedding sites or online registries. A whopping 62% of newly-engaged ladies looked to social media for wedding ideas, 43% used Facebook to source vendors, 35% downloaded wedding planner apps and 24% planned to use an online program to monitors RSVPs (Boris, 2013).

During the Wedding

Many brides are now considering live-streaming their wedding ceremony and reception through sites such as and Ustream. This enables family members, who for some reason or another are not able to attend, to watch everything live. With the increase in popularity of destination weddings this option is increasing in popularity as many friends and family members cannot afford the travel expenses of attending a destination wedding.



Also, many brides are now incorporating a Twitter station so that guests can post their insights and well wishes live. Through the use of a created hashtag, guests can easily share their tweets to one location making it convenient for reviewing at a later time (Elliott, 2010).  As social media becomes more and more socially acceptable at important events such as weddings, new ways of incorporating it will begin emerging and begin to be more commonplace.

After the Wedding

After the wedding is over, approximately 43% of brides upload their photos online. 79% upload their wedding photos to Facebook and 11% upload their wedding video (Boris, 2012). It is usually around this time that brides choose to blog about their experience and promote the vendors that they used and liked. Negative reviews for any vendors or products will be posted online to help future brides avoid making the same mistakes. As well, brides will actively share links and contact information for any websites or individuals who met and/or exceeded their expectations.

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