Slim – Social Media for Busy People

8 Apr

A new startup called Slim is launching an iOS application today that seeks to discover and organize a user’s most important updates and events from friends posted on social media sites. Slim was created in San Francisco by Yair Levin and Zeev Vax, both Israeli born and now living in the Bay Area. The idea was derived from their discovery that keeping in touch with friends and family back home was tiresome as so much time was taken to comb through social media sites to find important updates.

From the Slim website, the application states two major advantages (Slim homepage, 2013):

  1. Discover Important Moments
  • Slim sorts through your social networks, recognizes the most important events and delivers them in a clean and simple format.
  • Connect your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, and Slim discovers your friend’s major milestones such as engagements, job promotions, childbirths and many more

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2. Reach Out

  • Slim makes it easy to instantly show you care by letting you call, text, email, or post directly within the app.
  • It also saves you time by pre-populating messages with relevant text that you can send as-is or edit to your liking.



There are lots of other applications, such as Thirst, Circa, and Prismatic, that seek to summarize news stories or filter through social media accounts but Slim actually goes one step further. “As you swipe through the updates that appear, you can also train Slim even further by starring the updates you appreciated and marking those you don’t want to see again. The app will learn your preferences in time, becoming more relevant the more you use it” (Perez, 2013).

The app currently only supports Facebook and LinkedIn as of today’s launch but within the next month will seek to add Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Salesforce and Yammer. The feature of this application that I love the most is that it connects you to if the announcements you are being shown require a gift…another way to save time!




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