Pinboard Sites for Men – Because Pinterest is just too girly!

7 Apr

Almost everybody knows Pinterest as the pinboard site dominated by photos of wedding ideas, cooking and recipe ideas, workouts, crafting, jewelry, home décor, and women’s fashion. And with an estimated 48.7 million users it is arguably the most popular pinboard site on the Internet and caters, almost entirely, to women (Smith, 2013). I suppose it is no surprise then that pinboard sites directed toward male users have begun showing up. The following three sites are ones that I have found to be of particular interest in capturing the male demographic in the pinboarding community.

1. Dudepins 

As the About Us states, “Dudepins is all about fast cars, tailored suits, scotches that are older than dirt and everything associated with being a Man. Man up. Sign up. Pin up” (Dudepins About Us, 2013). The site was created in June 2012 by social media aficionados Kamil Szybalski and Colin Brown after the two Vancouver-based entrepreneurs realized the content found on Pinterest was of little interest to men (Carlson, 2012). Dudepins works very much the same way as Pinterest. You can sign up via Facebook, Twitter, or with an email account. Photos and videos can be pinned to a montage which, similar to boards in Pinterest, is where all content can be categorized and shared. See screenshot of Dudepins below.



2.  Manteresting

Again, very similar to Pinterest in that it has the same pinboard look except with a darker background, Manteresting is a site for men to share all things interesting to them. The site has only been around for about a year now and has not attracted a large following but that is expected to change as more and more people hear about the site. Instead of “pinning” items of interest to the site, users can “nail” them to their boards, and you won’t “Like” anything on Manteresting; you’ll “Bump” it (Floyd, 2013). Content on the site is similar to that found on Dudepins and features “manly” things like cars, tools, sports, mens fashion and watches, etc. See screenshot of Manteresting below.



3. Gentlemint

Gentlemint, which launched in early January 2012 by  Glen Stansberry and Brian McKinney, shares several similarities with Pinterest, including a similar look and user generated content, but content is definitely more aimed at men than women (Manarino, 2012). Content is typically focused around cars, food items/recipes (barbecue), cigars, alcohol, DIY projects, sports articles, and some technology articles. The site is by invite only and you may request an invite via email on the website. It is expected that the site will grow in popularity as more Internet users become aware of it. See screenshot of Gentlemint below.



None of the above mentioned pinboarding sites are exclusively for men regardless of the fact that content is mainly directed towards men. Women are not as prevalent on the sites but do contribute a lot of content found on them. As more and more men become familiar with the online world of pinboard sites, I think they will continue to gain in popularity and number of users.




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