Social Media Listening/Monitoring

27 Mar

The article written by Kevin Allen (2013) outlined three social media dashboards better suited towards listening and monitoring, including:

Radian6 – (now called Salesforce Marketing Cloud)


Based on a topic profile created that contains the keywords that a client wants to monitor, Radian6 will listen to various forms of social media for these keywords and then deliver the results of its “surveillance” in real time. The collected data is presented in widgetized tools that are highly customizable so it can adapt to the specific needs of the client. It contains various analysis tools that will reveal the “top influencers” and the developing trends. It will also identify the conversations that are creating influence online (AllFamous, 2013). The site was founded in 2006. The image below shows the Radian6 dashboard.



Crimson Hexagon


Unlike other social media monitoring and analysis companies, Crimson Hexagon uses statistical theory developed at Harvard University to analyze unstructured text such as social media posts. The Crimson Hexagon ForSight platform brings human judgment into every equation, incorporating a patented teachable algorithm that finds the real meaning behind social media posts (St.Amand, 2013). The site was founded in 2007 and can cost upwards of $150,000 per year. See image on the following page for a visual representation of the Crimson Hexagon dashboard.





Sysomos brings business intelligence to social media, providing instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations to quickly see what is happening, why it is happening, and who is driving the conversations.  Through the use of contextual text analytics and data mining technology, Sysomos collects data from blogs, Twitter, social networks, message boards, wikis and major news sources (The Pulse, 2011). The site was founded in 2007. The image below is an example of the Sysomos dashboard.




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